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The Renata França method

To activate the lymphatic and blood circulation, to calm down the digestif system, to reduce oedemas, to shape, all of this seems like a great plan !… The Renata França method allows to efficiently detox the body and/or the face. Results are that the body and the face are less inflated, curved with an accelerated system which gives a sense of well-being. Thanks to tonic gestural, fast and precise movements these massages are energising and tonic. You will leave the session awake, invigorated, relaxed and with a feeling of circulation !

Hand operated lymphatic drainage is a massage that aims to stimulate the lymph circulation to detoxify the organism while reinforcing the immune system. The Renata França method uses firm pressures and fast rhythm in addition to pumping and techniques that stimulate the lymphatic and blood systems. Thus, this technique reduces oedemas, activates blood-flow and allows accelerated functioning of the lymphatic system for an optimal functioning.

This massage technique uses energetic, firm and fast movement on the entire body / all over the body. This massage has surprising results because it was designed specially to act on adipocytes, that is to move the fat at its right place thus reshaping the body. It is an ideal massage for sport recovery thanks to its tonic and repeated movements.

With an immediate lifting effect, the face massage allows to deflate, shape and favour a natural revitalisation of the skin. If there is any swelling it will inflate it and remodel your face contours. With lymphatic drainage and remodelling techniques, some amazing results are expected as soon as the end of the first session !

These services are realised while respecting entirely who you are and what you need. There are well-being and relaxation massages without any therapeutic aim (which are the speciality of physiotherapist). They do not have any erotic / sexual characteristic : I will not hesitate to refuse, cancel or stop a service without refund if there is an inappropriate behaviour or any misconduct and I will report it.

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