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Massages and foot reflexology Complementary to naturopathic support, massages and foot reflexology can help you reconnect to yourself, relax and detox your body. The length and type of the massage are entirely up to you, according to your needs. I will gladly help you choose. For everybody, as soon as 8 years old.

We are always on our feet yet we barely touch them. Foot reflexologyhas always been used in Asia and. By stimulating some “reflex zones” of the feet, it helps the organism relax and revitalise to its optimal activity. This technique also allows a profound psychic relaxation.

Practised on people as young as 6 in India, this massage comes from the traditional Ayurvedic medicine and is performed with warm sesame oil. Tonic and pressed, this massage balances, energises and detox the entire body. Serenity and relaxation are guaranteed ! From 45 up to 90 minutes you’re free to choose your own relaxation option.

Lymphatic massage is a technique that helps to clean and detox the organism. It uses slow and tender movements. It is a moment of complete serenity and gentleness. From 45 up to 90 minutes, you’re free to choose your own relaxation option.

These services are realized while respecting entirely who you are and what you need. There are well-being and relaxation massages without any therapeutic aim (which are the speciality of physiotherapists). They do not have any erotic / sexual characteristic : I will not hesitate to refuse, cancel or stop a service without refund if there is any inappropriate behaviour or any misconduct and I will report it.

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