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Who am I?


Certified Naturopath from the Arbre Rouge school in Lyon, I will guide you through a personalised, understanding and educationnal support /accompaniment.


I especially developed massage techniques, perfect gateway to naturopathic support and real well-being assets.

No empty words nor impossible-to-follow protocol, no health promises impossible to keep, I offer you a clear, concise, affordable and step-by-step support.


Everyone is different and has its own journey. It is important for me to listen to you and be as close as possible to what you need and what you are capable of. By using pillars of naturopathy : nutrition, physical activity and emotional stability, and by using complementary tools, I will help you become the main actor of your global health and sustainable well-being.

My specific care : Since I graduated, I have continued to train to support specifically victims of sexual and physical abuses and then more widely people who had suffer from trauma. We are not defined by our traums, nevertheless, a trauma can have psychological and physiological impacts throughout one’s life. I support you with naturopathy to help you understand the traumatic mechanisms and regain gentleness, serenity and energy in your daily-life. To have some efficient training, I train alongside specialised associations such as "Stop aux Violences Sexuelles", the "Colosse aux pieds d’argile", "Feminist in the city", etc.

Since 2018, I volunteer in an association called En Parler, in the Lyon’s branch. Once a month I host a support group dedicated to people who suffered from sexual abuses.

My journey :

  • Diploma of Naturopath Practitioner – School l’Arbre Rouge – Lyon – 2018

  • Lymphatic Drainage training– School l’Arbre Rouge – Lyon – January 2019

  • Amma sitting massage training– Lyon- November 2019

  • Since 2019 – specialised in the support of people who suffered from trauma, physical and/or sexual abuse – Association Stop aux Violences Sexuelles

    • 2019 :“basic knowlegde of sexual abuse” training

    • 2020 : "psycho-physical tools through a sexual abuse care” training level 1

    • 2022 : "psycho-physical tools through a sexual abuse care” training level 2

    • Since 2018 – volunteer in the association En Parler in Lyon – organisation and animation of monthly support groups, events and workshops for the organisation and its beneficiaries.

Well well, what if I try a new cosmetic recipe for my workshops?
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