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Le Drainage lymphatique


Lymph carries our body waste, it’s the “garbage collector” of our body. It also carries the immune defence. The day-to-day life can disturb its functioning and overload the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage is usually recommended in the following cases/situations :

  • poor blood-flow (examples : heavy legs, oedema, etc…)

  • cellulite

  • digestion problems

  • stress



Hand operated lymphatic massage is a soft technique that helps to clean and detox the organism. It favours blood-flow, a better digestion and a boosted immune system. It is a moment of complete serenity and gentleness.


  • 45 minutes : session that focus on the area of your choice : back, legs or even stomach or face.

  • 60 minutes : THE classic session : entire body / body in its entirety.

  • 90 minutes : enjoy 1h30 of relaxation : body and face



Contraindications : heart failure, asthma, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, infection and tumour, menstrual period.

These services are realised while respecting entirely who you are and what you need. There are well-being and relaxation massages without any therapeutic aim (which are the speciality of physiotherapist). They do not have any erotic / sexual characteristic : I will not hesitate to refuse, cancel or stop a service without refund if there is an inappropriate behaviour or any misconduct and I will report it.

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