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Massage Abhyanga


The Abhyanga massage, which literally translate into “oiled massage” is one of the oldest technique of the Ayurvedic medicine. Practised on people as young as 6, it improves the body fluids, circulation, digestion, the functioning of the mental system and it brings muscular and articulatory relaxation. It allows serenity, fullness and both the mind and the body are relaxed!

Abhyanga uses warm sesame oil known for its deep penetration and detoxifying properties.



From head to toe, both tonic and enveloping, alternating slow and profound techniques with more punctuated and superficial techniques, this massage is, in India, seen as an energetic rebalance and as a true moment of connexion to oneself and of absolute relaxation.

  • 45 minutes : session that focus on the area of your choice : back, hamstrings, legs or even stomach or face.

  • 60 minutes : THE classic session : entire body / body in its whole.

  • 90 minutes : enjoy 1h30 of relaxation : body and face

​​​​These services are realised while respecting entirely who you are and what you need. There are well-being and relaxation massages without any therapeutic aim (which are the speciality of physiotherapist). They do not have any erotic / sexual characteristic : I will not hesitate to refuse, cancel or stop a service without refund if there is an inappropriate behaviour or any misconduct and I will report it.

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