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Foot Reflexology


Having been used for a thousand years in China, plantar reflexology was also used in Ancient Egypt and in Orient. According to Chinese people, feet are the body zone in constant relation with the Earth and the entire body is represented in our feet. It is based on pressures applied on specific zones of the foot, in particular on the arch of the foot. The purpose of these pressures is to restore the balance of the functioning of the targeted zones.


Source of global well-being for the body, plantar reflexology isn’t just a massage of the feet. It detoxifies and relax the entire body, energises both the body and the mind, and calms down tensions and stress.


Complete and personalised session of 60 minutes or relaxating session of 45 minutes.



Contraindications : 1st trimester of pregnancy, thrombosis, psychological illness, local injury or traumatism of the foot, fiver, having a pace-maker, dialyse, diabetes, corticosteroid therapy.

These services are realised while respecting entirely who you are and what you need. There are well-being and relaxation massages without any therapeutic aim (which are the speciality of physiotherapist). They do not have any erotic / sexual characteristic : I will not hesitate to refuse, cancel or stop a service without refund if there is an inappropriate behaviour or any misconduct and I will report it.

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